Short Description

TCW240B is a data acquisition module, designed to work in Ethernet based networks. It includes 4 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 1-Wire interface for up to 8 Teracom 1-Wire sensors like temperature, humidity, CO2, current, 4/20mA, galvanic isolated analog voltage etc. It also has 4 relays with normally open and normally close contacts.

The relays can be activated either remotely (WEB, SNMP, HTTP etc.) or locally – from status of monitored parameter (1-Wire sensor, analog voltage and dry contact). Only one parameter can control the relay at the same time, but for every parameter can be sent e-mail/SNMP trap for alert conditions.

Embedded real time clock gives a possibility to arrange scheduled task in time. The tasks can be either single or with weekly repetition.

Features : – 

  • Password protected web based configuration and control;
  • 4 digital inputs with ” dry contact” and “logic level” modes;
  • 4 analog inputs with 0 to 60VDC range;
  • Multiplier and offset for analog inputs;
  • 4 relays with NO and NC contacts;
  • SNMP v.2 support;
  • SNMP traps and/or e-mail sending for alert conditions;
  • 2K SSL support;
  • XML and HTTP API commands;
  • NTP protocol support;
  • Push mode for client-server systems;
  • Real time clock for scheduler control;
  • Remote firmware update.

Typical Application : –

The big number of digital and analog inputs, supported 1-Wire sensors and relay outputs makes TCW240B-CM good choice for various application such as:


  • Data acquisition module systems;
  • Home and office alarm systems;
  • Home automation;
  • Mushroom and winery environmental monitoring and control;
  • Environmental monitoring and control of server rooms;
  • Heaters or coolers control;
  • Scheduled control of processes;
  • Industrial process automation.