Security No Matter!

Fire & Safety

Preventing the hazards of fire and explosions is paramount for ensuring the safety of any building. Our Fire & Safety systems employ cutting-edge technologies to detect and signal potential fire incidents. Through Inim Cloud Fire, we introduce an innovative solution enabling remote system management, event logging, testing, and maintenance scheduling. Every device in our range, including control panels, smoke detectors, and alarm sirens, undergoes rigorous testing in compliance with prevailing fire regulations to meet the highest international safety standards.

Security & comfort

Security and convenience are essential elements in our daily lives. Our Security & Comfort solutions are designed to safeguard both public and private buildings against intrusion, theft, and burglary attempts. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, our anti-intrusion systems provide the highest level of security for all environments, whether indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, we provide cutting-edge home automation solutions that enable the automatic control of lighting, temperature, gates, and windows. This seamless integration combines the effectiveness of top-tier anti-intrusion technologies with the convenience of home automation, ensuring both safety and comfort.

Protection & Fire Fighting

Our Protection & Fire-Fighting solutions are tailored to ensure the safety and security of both public and private spaces against fire hazards and emergencies. Incorporating advanced technologies, our fire safety systems offer unparalleled protection for various environments, whether residential or commercial. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge automation solutions that enable the automatic control of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and emergency exits. This seamless integration combines the reliability of top-tier fire-fighting technologies with the convenience of automation, guaranteeing both safety and peace of mind.

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