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* 1U height and both tabletop & rack mount type

* Built-in CD player, MP3, tuner & remote control

* USB & SD inputs on front panel for MP3 player

* AM/FM tuner each memory of 99 bands

* One CD/MP3 stereo output and one tuner stereo output

* Two florescent screens to display in English CD/MP3 and tuner separated

* Eject, play, stop, play mode, prev, next, USB/SD & mute functional buttons for CD/MP3 player

* AM/FM, ST/MON, MEO, Auto/Manual, Up, down & 1-6 number buttons for tuner

* Remote control over music selection and volume control


Model T-2221
Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz(-2dB)
THD ≤0.1%
Channel Separation 65dB
Dynamic Range 75dB
S/N Ratio 85dB
Audio Output 0.775V/600Ω
Tunning FM: 87.5-108.0MHz, AM: 522-1620KHz
Antenna Input FM: 75ΩUnbal, AM: Low impedance round ring antenna
Sensitivity FM: ≤10uA,  AM:≤100uA
Band Memory 99
Audio Output 0.775V/600Ω
Power Supply ~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz
Dimensions 484x209x44mm
Net Weight 3.7Kg